How do you see your day?

New Morning

What is your perspective of the day God has given you?

We can go into a day knowing that God has fully prepared it for us or we can dread what we think that is before us.

Has God gone before you and prepared your day?


Are you looking at the day through the “eyes” of “not again, I have to do this all over, day after day the same ol’ thing?”

How do you want to look at your day?

With joy or dread?

With JOY, you will see Jesus in all that takes place today.

In DREAD, you will see NOTHING, no, you won’t see Jesus, only hopelessness.

The out look and desire of the day is our choice.

We can see and hope in what Jesus has prepared for us or NOT.

If you choose to walk in the day with joy you will find God’s might grace there and it will be shrouded in His hope for His glory to you.

Enjoy your day. 🙂

God bless you.

*Cartoon used by permission, “, After Eden”


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