What takes your breath away?

What does take my breath away?

I could name so many things. My family; husband; sons and their wives and families; my grandson (sign); my precious daughter; God; the life, sacrifice, and resurrection life in and of Christ for me; church; church family and friends; my relationships with the people of my life; my relationship with Jesus; places and things; a job, money or the lack of it; food; our home and the upkeep; bills…my list could go on and on.

I have been sitting here reminiscing. I have been taking care of my new grandson little Bennie, quite a bit and he has just about stolen my heart. I have been thinking about that. Oh how it has  hit me…”stolen my heart.”

I have been looking back on other things that have “stolen my heart.” I have many wonderful memories. They are treasures of God. Yet I have many a time allowed those treasured memories to become todays realities to where that is what I want. My heart has been stolen. Although, I have been blessed with an abundance of memories and things, that is NOT where I am to live.

As I sit here I am listening to a various playlist of Christian music I have on my computer. The music has drawn my attention back to where it needs to be. On Jesus! All that He has blessed me with is an amazing journey of life and I have many souvenirs that I cherish dearly. I wouldn’t want to trade them for anything.

“Anything!?” I need to back up. If my cherished souvenirs mean that much to me, then they are just another “idol” I have placed in my life. Those things have “stolen my heart.” 

What about my hurts, sorrow and pain that I have not let go in my life. Wrong done unto me. The bad things that people do intentionally or not. Angry words and actions. Things that have not only been done to me, but what I have done to others. Those are non-refundable, can not be taken back. Have I done anything about those things. They to have “stolen my heart.”

Lord I said “I give you my heart” I mean that. Yet little things creep in. Most of these things, memories and such, there is not a thing wrong with them…enjoy them. But where do they hold my heart. Some of them hold my heart tighter than others.

Teach me to hold things of this life loosely, even the precious treasures of my life. God gave and blessed me with those treasures. I thank Him for them, but I don’t want those to rob me of my relationship with Jesus.

I thank You that You meet me each day and every moment right where I need it.

I am listening to “Word of God Speak” by Mercy Me. I want and long to hear God speak to me, be still and know His majesty. To find myself in the midst of Him. I all I need is to be with Him in the quiet to Hear His word speak, por down like rain so that my will see and to wash over me. These are jus a few of the words. I want to find myself at a loss for words and it be ok. Lord you are so amazing. Thank you for meeting me. That is what takes my breath away…the Spirit of God whispering to me.

Spirit of God by Candy Clonts

I desire to be a joy to You  Lord. Let my life be a living sacrifice so that I may bring honor to You. Only by You continuing to stop me in my tracks can I be an honor and living sacrifice to You. You stopping me takes my breath away.

Continue to draw me in to Your Holiest of Holies so that I may continue to know you. The Lord’s drawing me takes my breath away.

Why does Jesus take my breath away? He is the air that I breathe, without Him I have not a breath to breathe. He is the breath of fresh air as His Spirit blows through to me and reveals Who He wants to know and see. He is the breath that wakes me to see reality in Him. He is reality of life. The relationship I am so privileged to have with Jesus, it is what takes by breath away. To hear Him whisper, “I love you” in all the treasures of life’s journey with all its joy and suffering, takes my breath away. It is all because of Jesus I can cherish His blessings. I am blessed beyond measure.

I love you Jesus.

God bless you all, remember the drawing of the hand of God is so precious. Let Him take your breath away.