Thank you for your prayer!!!

About 5 days ago I told you of my brother Troy and being ill. He spent from the 1st until today the 5th in the hospital.

His blood count was so low that they had to continue to give him blood transfusions, 5 pts. Ya that is right. He had internal bleeding. He has ulcers. Some that are bleeding. They got that under control and his blood levels. Thank the Lord.

Continue to keep him in your prayers. He still has to make a few lifestyle changes in order to help his health. Eating habits, medication, iron supplements and a few other things.

God bless you. Through your prayers the grace of God was shown and His hope lead the way.


4 thoughts on “Thank you for your prayer!!!

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m in tears. Sometimes, I think God points us to someone who needs an encouraging word because He expects us to help. In my life, I have seen the incredible power of prayer at work and it is amazing!
    P.S. I also think God knew that I needed to hear something like this because I have been dealing with some difficult comments from a post I did on the “global exclaimer’s” blog.


  2. I’m so sorry that your brother is sick. I just prayed for him. Remember, trials make us stronger and draw us closer to God. 🙂


    • Amen! Thank you oh so much for your prayer and reaching out to me and to him in and through your prayers. God will bless you for your hearts desire to pray for others. It is a tremendous blessing to know that others are praying for you, but to hear from the ones that are participating in our trial with us, is such a wonderful blessing. God bless you sweetie. 🙂


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