Happy Mother’s Day, I love You Mom (and dad)


My Mom and Dad on their Wedding Day photo by Candy Clonts

I will not be home for Mother’s Day this year. I will be leaving after church and going to help with my dad. I won’t see my mom this year on Mother’s Day. My mom will be coming to my house and I to their home. They just bought a house here, where I live, and mom (nor dad) has sen the house. My sister bought it (together with my folks) and will be bringing her here to see it for the first time. It is kind of confusing……

I appreciate and love my mom dearly. She gave me a life that I learned to think and do many things for myself. But, one of the greatest “things” she gave me is love.

I grew up in a non-Christian environment. We (me, my sister and 2 brothers) taught we could choose what “religion” we wanted as we got older. We were taught morals and manners, and after I became a Christian and going to church, learning what the Word had to say, these things were not just morals, but they did come from Biblical basis.   

I would like to share something that has stuck with me all my life…that is from the time I knew and recognized the situation until now…I will remember for ever…

First of all, this past September, my parents celebrated their 50 wedding anniversary. I praise the Lord for this union. I KNOW it wasn’t always smooth sailin’ either. Both my folk are very stubborn, we know what that can lead to at times, sorry mom and day:)… BUT, here it is….I NEVER heard or saw my parents argue or fight. NEVER!! How many of us can say that? Not too many I am sure.

Before they married, they made a promise to one another, when they had kids, they would NOT hear or see their differences. We didn’t.

As I got older…in high school, I noticed one day that mom wasn’t talking to dad and visa versa. Okay! What is going on here? Uhh, duh! They are upset with each other. Oh my goodness! I have never noticed or recognized this before. I asked mom why she and dad were not talking. She said “it is between your dad and me.” Uhh, well ok! Later on she shared with me the promise that dad and she had made. She also said she was not going to talk about her feelings toward dad in the times of being upset with him, she did not want us to act or react to dad in a negative way. She also said we are human and we have our disagreements and argue, but they are not for your ears and eyes.

So, I thank my mom [and dad] for that gift of love and respect for us, as kids, and for one another.

I wish I could have carried that same motto or promise into my marriage and family. Sad to say my kids have seen and heard things I am sorry that they did experience through us [as their parents]. Not making excuses, I was wrong…my husband also, that was yesterday, Paul says in Phil 3:13 and 14, ‘forgetting those things that are behind and to press forward’ [not an exact quote]. I can not change the past but by the grace of God, I can help decide my future with the relationship with my wonderful husband [I think the mold was broken when God created him, the Lord knew beforehand what my husband was in for :)]. With Jesus all things are possible. Phil 4:13.

Back to my mom for a few minutes. She taught me how to love and be loved. She taught me to accept ones, she was not judgmental and let us make mistakes and was there to help pick up the pieces and put things together again. She taught me to be a good mom, she was good to us in so many ways. It didn’t help that I am the oldest and my youngest brother is 9 years younger…I learned to care for my siblings at a young age. She taught me to cook…I love to cook. [Cooking is also my outlet…the freezer gets full from time to time when the emotions are running high.] She taught me to love my husband. I can not explain all the where and hows, but mom, through Jesus’ hand, gave me more than what she will ever know.

I love her and am most grateful for her life that she has shown and given me. Thank you mom for everything.

I love you!

I thank the Lord for giving me to you and you to me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. You are our glue and we needed and still need you in all that you have for and do for us.

Happy Mother’s Day to you dad. If it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be the family that we are.

By God’s grace and the hope we have in Him, thank you my Lord and Savior for the blessing of my momma.