Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms, Grandma’s, Great-Grandmas, and those blessed Great-Great Grandmas….

….To those great dads out there that are mom and dad to their kids.

…..Also, to those foster parents other wonderful care givers to children of all sorts.

God bless you all and may His grace fill you and you life in His resounding hope for each day.

Used by permission- artword by Larry Van Pelt


17 thoughts on “To ALL “MOMS”, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

  1. Greetings I discovered your site by mistake when i was searching Yahoo for this issue, I need to tell you your webpage is very very helpful I also enjoy the style, its great!


    • Thank you! Great compliment, appreciate it and I praise God this blog is being used to bless ones So glad you were blessed by pinchofgrace. Grateful you “stumbled” by and trust to see you back. Many blessing to you.


    • Than you. I love my parents. In thes latter years of thier life with illness it has been difficult to know what o do for them. I feel my greatest gift to them is showing and giving back to them what they have done for me all my life. Lord bless you.


  2. It’s Mothering Sunday and I know that even though it is celebrated on a different dates depending on where you are located, I still wish to greet all mothers on this special day! Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving mothers in the world!


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