Seeking you precious prayers.

I have kept you informed with different family issues that have come put or  that are on going in past posts.

My mom went to the doctor today and was told she has a large blood clot behind her left eye (sorry–I think it’s her left eye). In one weeks time she has lost the vision and there is such pressure behind the eye she has a constant headache and pressure on the face.

She will be going to Chandler, AZ to see an optic specialist Monday morning. This is the earliest she could be see..duh silly me, it is Friday, the next business day…. I’m sure you can tell my concern…

You and many others have carried me through the past few months with the issues with my brother (hospitalized for bleeding ulcers due to alcoholism) and sister (a heart attack..called a small muscle spasm) these were on earlier post. (these 2 things took place in April of this year.) I so covet and appreciate your prayers.

Just a to let you know quickly about my folks health…About 5 years ago dad had a stroke that affected his left side of his brain. This therapy he came home with a cane and hand limitations. Four years ago, he was startled, fell, broke his hip and had a hip replacement. With therapy again was able to home with a cane and at time had to use a walker for stability. Three years ago we did not have a large physical issue, Praise You Jesus. Two years ago, dad was flown out thinking he was having a heart attack (15 years ago he did have a heart attack and then treated him with meds). but this was colon cancer, the pain mimicked heart attack symptoms. They removed a 14 inch piece of upper intestine… the type of cancer he had been treated with removing the tumor and he was fine. BUT the Lord had other plans once agin. He remained in the hospital for about 2-1/2 months due to complications and we were called 3 different times..we was not going to make it…he came through. Not with out loosing so much muscle tone and ability to get around. He went in to a rehab/therapy program because he has minimal use of hands and legs. This ordeal started the 2nd Friday in June and he went home the day before Thanksgiving. Last year in March, mom was diagnosed with COPD–she started smoking at the age of 15–also diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She went in to the hospital thinking she had pneumonia. In April she had a heart attack and had a quadruple bypass. Since then it has not been good for mom health wise. She is on oxygen most of the time and so on…. Now this issue with the blood clot has developed. My dad is nt able to travel, he is in a wheelchair and physically limited to his abilities to get around, someone needs to be with him all the time.

I would also like you to remember my brother Troy, he will be caring for my dad this time while mom and my sister are attending to this new health issue. Also, for my sister, Terry, she will be taking mom to the dr and she is still recovering from the effects of her heart attack. As for me, I am torn. I want to be there, we are going on vaction…gratefuly it is to the Phoenix, AZ area, so if I am need by my sister or mom I am still easily accessible. I feel guilty in taking our anniversary trip. (My husband and I have will been married 31 years the 31st of this month…planned to go early for other reasons…before this other took place.)

Desert landscape with cactus and rain storm -- Psalm 107:35

BUT GOD is oh so faithful. I felt as if I had a hug windstorm in front of me with hug plume of billowing dust. It was as if I was Israel looking back at the Egyptian arming coming to get them as they stood in front of the Red Sea. I just saw the cloud of dust…there wasn’t a Red Sea, there wasn’t a second obstacle, the dust cloud was what was so overwhelming. I just thought, “Oh Lord what are we facing now?” As I uttered those words and they were out loud, He gave me a precious verse, one that He has used for similar situations..He is so good!!!

Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

He knows! He gave hope to me! He settled the dust….It was as a dream…I watched the dust dissipate and go away. How much better can it get than to have the peace of God revealed and hope shown and set before you and it was all done through His wonderful grace by the plea He heard me speak. Our God is so gull of love and mercy.

I do not know what tomorrow will hold, let alone what is in store for next week with mom and the drs. appointment, BUT God does, that is fine with me.

This doesn’t mean I won’t have a “meltdown” in a few days, nor does it mean I will. It means, I know the Lord is good and right in all that He allows in our lives and He will continue to what is perfect in every way for my WHOLE family.

I praise the Lord for He is the one that I lean on. When I lean on Him, I learn of Him. As I lean on Him, He embraces me and reassures me. He reassured me that He is able to Whosoever concerns me and it will be all good according to his riches and glory. Thank You Jesus!!!! 🙂

Philip. 4:19 
    But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

My (our) hope revealed through His abundant grace.

NOTE: The image above  is somewhat as I felt,  it has much of the sentiment. Graphic used by permission: Thank you GospelGif.