Remember Our Troops!

God be with you! Thank you. You are in my prayers.

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7 thoughts on “Remember Our Troops!

    • It has been a continual pleasure to see your come back to pinchofgrace. I trust you will continue toi poke yur head in, sit a spell an dsee what the lord may hav e for you.. God is good and WILL continue to be so no matter our situations and circumstances. Lord bless you dear sir!


    • God bless you! Trusting you continue to know in god’s wonderful grace as you aexperince His hope in every day circumstances. What a blessing to see your back at pinchofgrace. Many blessing to you as you seek the Lord for your daily needs. I appriciate your input…Our troops are to a blessing to us. So many are “up in arms” over our men and women as they are overseass and other places “without a cause”. Just like in any other situation/conflict where the US has been involved, they are where they are choose and want to be. I commend them as they put their life on the line moment by moment/day and night…an honorable and overwhelming desire and sacrifice….for us here at home. They need, covet and deserve our support and prayers. God bless you.


  1. I can tell you with absolute certainty, that you may as well burn your money in a voodoo traffic pyre while chanting “Alexa” over and over. Maybe that will work.


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