Why are those that hunger and thirst blessed? (Mat. 5:6)

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

How many times do we (I) go to he fridge to feed the face and yet still hungry, not full? So what is the problem?

I (we) am feasting on the wrong fillers. We all get physically hungry and we need to eat real food. If we deprive our natural bodies of its nourishment it will become sick. There are times we are so ravenous we raid the fridge, cupboard, and all in between. We may feel physically stuff, yet we still have that hungry felling. Maybe we need more fluids. So we drink a gallon of water and walk down the hall and hear it all sloshing back and forth in our bellies. As it all sloshes around and it all becomes so weighty within our bellies and we can’t believe we ate all we did and are absolutely miserable, we crash in our bloated misery. Ugh!

Why did I do this to myself we may say. Here is why!

We (I) are feeding the wrong craving.

Instead of going back to the I, we scenario, I will use the “we” pronoun, so this includes me in it as well, because many, if not all of us have been in this boat of feeding frenzies. Oh how the Lord knows how many times I’ve been down this frenzy road more than “I” would care to remember. I am so grateful for His grace and hope, I would be so destitute and alone, but praise Jesus, I am not nor are you. Amen! …..followed by many others to say, ” Amen!”

What a dumb analogy, but it is so true.

Enter into His grace and you will see His hope.

It amazes me the prescriptions God has for us. We  all run around trying to find what will make us happy and all the while it is one solitary Book and the Life to which it holds.

We want to be blessed and happy, here is the antidote or our frenzies of life.

The Lord desires a happy and blessed people, He wants us “supremely blest” and “most fortunate”.

Yes that is another part of the word blessed, not only happy, but supremely blest and most fortunate.

 How can we look at one’s self as “most fortunate.” First and last, we are the Lords…should be end of question. But if not, going back and remember His great love for you…you should not have to jog your memory too hard to remember yesterdays victories and His great joy and peace that has engulfed you by His grace and hope given you.

Naturally speaking we get hungry several times a day and thirsty MANY times during day. As  we get hungry or thirsty we give to that desire. If we are hungry we go to the fridge, get sandwich makin’s and eat the sandwich. When thirst strikes we get a glass and head for the faucet or pour a glass of cold tea or maybe a soda (or pop, depending on where you’re from, we say soda in our house). Nevertheless, we have a desire and we quench that desire for our thirst. Hunger and thirst are natural desires we are quick to satisfy.

But this is speaking of a spiritual hunger and thirst. What is it we hunger and thirst after? What is it we do to help quench this desire in our spirit? We try to feed these desires, but on what? Here in this scripture it says we are to feed upon righteousness. Righteousness is something I thought Jesus gave us when we accepted Him as Savior. Didn’t He give us righteous, His righteousness as we accepted His death and life for our sin? Oh yes He did! But…but, to hunger and thirst after righteousness is something entirely different.

We need to remember these different “characteristics”, if you will, are things that we are to do on a continual, daily basis. This is a lifestyle of putting on Christ daily. Righteousness is to be just, right and holy. Am I feeding off the holiness of Jesus; from His word, and spend time with Him in prayer so that I may know His desire for me?

I think of three particular women, forgive me fellas, there are a few men that come to mind also….Like Abraham, he put up with a lot and so did Moses. Then there was Joesph and Daniel, two faithful prisoners, that did nothing nwrong….and many others.

One is Ruth, from the Old Testament. She is one of my favorite people. I look forward to meeting her one day. This woman gave up all she had; all that was near and dear to her. For what? A new and better life! She sacrificed her wants, desires and comforts for those of Naomi. Ruth obeyed every word spoken to her and she was ALWAYS blessed for it. She heard  a word given her and she obeyed without question. This was her righteousness, her obiedence  and diligence to carry out what was required of her….and so is ours. Ruth is in the line of David, therefore the lineage of Jesus. What a blessing!!!!

Second, there is Mary, Martha’s sister. I feel for Martha many times, I tend to be like her. but Mary chose that good part that would not be taken away from her. She sat, listened and learned at the feet of Jesus. What He had to say was far more important to her then any other thing around her. (Luke 10:38-42) –(Luke 10:42 But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen  that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.) Mary was experiencing and being feed the Righteous to God through the words of Jesus.

The third is the woman of Samaria, the beautiful hearted woman Jesus met at the well. (John 4:4-42) Why do I call her a beautiful hearted woman, because of the transformation that took place there at the well as she spoke with the Son of God. What an experience to speak to the Living Son of God. The One that told her all things, even things she would just as soon keep  hidden. Jesus want more from her then a drink of water, but a changed life and heart. The conversation that went on between the two of them was life altering for her. She came face to face with righteousness there on the spot. As she listened she saw, and recognized Who this man was, just not a Jew, but the Messiah. The Messiah, Christ, the anointed One that has come to save. Jesus was promising her and all that drank of the water He was able to give they would no longer thirst. NO LONGER THIRST….OH FOR HEAVEN SAKE… I could just about hear her say. But that is what He offered and possessed for her and all that would partake of this living water. 

She was drinking of the water of His word. Her thirst was being quenched.

There was something else Jesus offered also, meat. Food to satisfy hunger pains. The meat spoke of was to do the will of the Father. God has a will for us. He has a job for us. As He look round there was a great harvest, today it is not any different…..Don’t stand idly by and think God has nothing for you to do! This woman didn’t! It was because of her testimony, runnning back home, telling everyone what took place, many came to know Jesus AND He stayed with them for two days. The people listened to Him…they were hungry, thirsty and were being satisfied!

Not only is this speaking of spreading the Gospel and souls being won over to Christ, but so much more. Your life is a great example of Christ to others. The Bible says to visit the widows and orphans. How many of these do we have in our society today. Where we live! Lonely people! Children without one or both parents. It is sad in today society we, adults in particular, need to be so careful when it comes to talking to and try to help children…I trust you understand what I mean here. It is a shame! Your neighbor may need some help with yard work or other repairs. Someone down the street or in YOUR church is sick and may need some meals taken to them. I am so surprised to learn how little of this type of help for others is falling by the wayside. Churches are slowly leaving their own to do for themselves when we ought to be at their aid. How about those kids that think they are so tough….greatest farce for many of them. They do this because no one else will give them the time of day. If we don’t have our work cut out for us today, then we are just as lost as they are, but in our own selfishness, this is worse. We ought to know better….

When we come to a place to let ourselves be filled and overflowing by the Word of God and be obedient to go where God has asked us to go and do it, then are we being filled with Jesus, the One who satisfies. As we obey His Word and His work for our lives we become full….full of the love of Christ and then the righteousness of Christ is evident in one’s life.

We obey through God’s grace and we do His work by the hope that we have in Him.

God bless you and may you find the fullness of His grace as you live in His hope.


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  3. This is an interesting post. I am not sure if I agree with everything in your post, but you definitely put a lot of thought and effort into it so thanks for sharing your point of view! Leave your comments on my blog as well if you get a chance!


    • Dear One,
      It is just fine that you do not agree with all that I may have to say. I trust there was thought being provoked in you. I trust the Lord for each post and this blog. This blog was set up to bless, challenge, help, provoke ones to thought and see the Lord Jesus, possible from a different perspecive. God has blessed me and I trust I am able to share that with readers. I trust to see you back here at pinchofgrace and you will be blessed by what you read. Blessings to you.


    • Dear One, Thank you for stoping at pinchofrace and taking a look around. I invite you to come back and sit a spell and see what else may be amongst the writings. I have done a post on Mat. 5:7 and working on verse 8. I take it as an honor and privelge to see and hear what one have to has about the articles, they are a ft of the Lord to me, and to you., those that read. This blog was inspired the Lord and I have given it to Him to be used for His glory. I thank Him for the tool H has allowed me to be for Him through what He shows me and I then pu in writing. Lord bless you. I do trust to see you come and visit again.


        • Thank you. I do not see myself as a deep thinker, I trust to see myself as one that completely reliate upon Jesu for all that I do or think. The things I write are things I feel the Lord is dealing with me about as I study His word and I hope I relay what He has given me to honor and glorify Him. I so apreiciate you stopping and sitting a apell here at pinchofgrace. Come on back I would love to hear frome you again. Many blessing to you.


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