Family Church Camp-Summer fun!!

A deer near camp.

Here are a few pictures of things we did this past month that took my attention and time away from PinchOfGrace.

I (we-my husband and daughter) went to Family Church Camp for a week in the Mountains near us. For Church Camp we were at about 6500 feet, but after camp we went up higher to about 8000 to where it was much cooler and enjoyed another week of camping with just the three of us.

Later in the month, I have continued to help with my parents move. I am very grateful the Lord has seen fit to provide a home for them just three blocks from my home.

I trust you have had a blessed summer also. It has come to an end for us, my daughter has start school this past week. She is in the 8th grade. This will be a big year for us all.

Lord bless you and I trust to get back to you all VERY soon.

Continuing to believe the Lord Jesus for His wonderful grace and great hope each and every day. Without these I perish to think where I would be today. These two great components of my Christian walk have continued to hold and carry me daily and moment by moment many times.

I love you all and trust to catch up with you  shortly.


My husband and Pastor speaking at church camp one morning.


Mike C. playing horsehoes.


Mike R. returning the horseshoe to Mike C.

One of the GREAT tents. 🙂



He may need a good "foot washen".


Gathering around fire for sweet fellowship after payer meeting.


One evenings worship and praise.


Fellowship around the fire after Bible study and prayer meeting.


Gathering for evening Bible study and prayer time.

Roasting marshmellows…yum


Two great sisters and friends.


Vehicles still break down at church camp..the truck was being used to haul water.


Misc picture.


Misc. picture...a lizard on a rock.


Getting dinner ready.He may need a good "foot washen".


Misc. picture.


Gettin' ready for an evening meeting.


Misc mountain picture


Misc mtn picture


Misc mtn picture..rain is coming. Oh ya!


Mountain veiw to the valley below.


The Spirit of God built a fire in our bellies...Praise you Lord Jesus! What a blessing to go and get away from all the distractions of everyday life to receive from you. You had much for us. Thank You Lord.


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