Verse for the day

John 13:17
If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.

We are happy, content, blessed, fortunate if we do what? Take the time to read the above verses in John 13 and you will understand more of what Jesus is talking about.

We are going to be blessed and happy as we serve one another. Jesus came to earth and what did He did, He served the people. He was asked and required to do things for others, that is serving. Jesus did not come here to please Himself but to help others. Jesus did come here to show ones the Father and the way to eternal life, is that not serving others. Yes it is a service. It is showing and leading others in the way they ought to go.

We are to also serve one another. We were not put here to satisfy ourselves and make a prosperous life for self, but to serve. We are to be at the Fathers business and pleasure, not seeking our own gratification.

Jesus washed the disciples feet, that was a servants job. People called on Him to do many things and those were mostly required of servants. Jesus also served His Father, He did what the Father asked of Him, He obeyed in His serves to the Father, not choosing His will.

Today as you sit and contemplate “what am I to do?” Think of how you may serve the Lord by serving and doing for some one else. This will give you a hope like you have never experienced and God’s grace will be poured out upon you like a great fountain. Don’t serve someone for this reason, but do it because this is what the Lord has asked of you.

God bless you and have a blessed and wonderful day. Until later…..much love in and through our Savior, Jesus.



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