You are cordially invited to un-lurk around.

De~Lurking! Come on have a look around.

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So, once a year it’s fun to invite everyone lurking out there on the fringes of ye old blog, to come and share a comment. A virtual howdy. A shout out to let us know you’re there and what you love about hanging here.

It’s National De-luker Day

So, if you’re a quiet reader who doesn’t usually comment and want to make my day, please introduce yourself – I’d love to hear where you’re from, what you like about visiting here and just about anything else that you feel like sharing.

And if you’re a chatty reader, I LOVE hearing from you on a regular basis too – so why not today?


Come one, come all and let’s build a comment cake of fun today – you in?

{If you’re reading this is an email or blog reader leave a comment too!


Check out Gypsy Mama and get started.  Let’s have the grandest year and all in this one week. 


          You know you want to.

We are all 

             nosie to a degree.

                           So have a look around.




{I just started this late…Saturday evening….yikes…don’t know if it will count, but go ahead, have a look around tomorrow if you would like.}

This is my note to the De-Lurker, Looky-Lou’s.

Stop lurking about. Come on in and have a look around. You look like an ol' fraiy cat sitting there, I know yu are just as curious as can be. So come on and sit a spell. There might be something you find and enjoy. There you go. It is good to see you. Its all right. I won't dare shoo you away, but welcome you as you browse through the pages of pinchofgrace. Bring or send a friend on over, you are also welcome back any time. I am glad you came by, I trust you will be back to sit with me at pinchofgrace, it is a blessing to have visitors. Lord bless you. Come on back and don't be a stranger.


Leave me a message.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lord bless you. Trusting  His grace shower you and your hope in Christ is greater than it was yesterday.