I heard a story the other day that truly blessed my heart and would like to share it with you. Some may have heard this, but let it be a refresher for you. This is a good one.

There was this man who was building a shed. He had not done much carpentry work, but he enjoyed wha the was able to do. except for one thing, he would always hit his thumb with the hammer. No matter how hard he would try as he was trying to drive a nail into the wood, he would ALWAYS hit his thumb. Everytime he went to nail a nail down he would say, “Please don’t let me hit my thumb, oh please.” Down the hammer would go and SMASH…he’d through his arm under his arm pit and do a little dance. It hurt ya know. 

One day as he was walking down the street he saw a new house going up in the neighborhood. He could hear the men hammer away and didn’t seem to hear that anyone hit their thumbs. He decided to walk on over and ask one of these men how this was done. He pondered if there was a secret to driving a nail into the wood without hitting his thumb. He asked the construction worker, “How is it when you use your hammer to put a nail in the wood you never hit your thumb?” The construction worker replied, “Don’t look at your thumb. Look at the nail. If you look at your thumb you will hit it every time. But if you look at the nail you will hit the nail on the head.”

The man pondered this thought as he walked home. He went to the back yard, picked up his hammer, grabbed a nail….at first all he could think of was his poor mashed up thumb, then he remembered what was told him just a short time ago….”look at the nail not your thumb.” He thought okay look at your nail. He looked at the nail, raised his hammer, swung his hammer down, sure enough, he hit the nail on the head. He put that nail down in the board just where he wanted it without hitting his thumb once. He lined up his board and took hammer and nail, looked at the nail, he didn’t hit his thumb again. He began to ance around. His wife saw this from the kitchen window, she came running out to see what had happened. She asked her husband, “How bad is it this time?” “No, honey, I am fine.” “What?” she stretched. “What is all this commotion then?” “I didn’t hit my thumb. I didn’t hit it.” With a big sigh, she said, “It’s about time. I’m getting tired of running out here making sure you are all right every time you mash that thumb.” “But how’d you do it?” she asked. “I stopped looking at my thumb and started looking at the nail. It works every time.” She looked rather disturbed at him, “Is that all it took? You stopped looking at your thumb and began looking at the nail?” “Yep, that’s right. I changed my perspective of what I was to be hitting…sure enough it worked.”

I liked this story because is shows us again when we feel like things are difficult, they probably are, but they are harder to deal with because that is all we are looking at. Our difficulties. We need to change our focus and put it on Jesus.

Lord bless you.