5 MINUTE Friday! A Day With My Husband.

Oh my heavens….I went to the city yesterday, my husband had a doctor’s appointment. We had so much fun, I know I did.

He dropped me off at the mall while he went for his appointment. A kid in a candy store. It is so nice to look and I don’t feel the urge to buy, but I did get a new top. 😀

We went to have an italian lunch. Oh so yummy.

We had errands to do also, but we did them together, except for the 30 minute I was at the mall by myself. Yep that’s right! His doctor’s office is just around the corner…Well, okay, 45 minute to an hour, but no more. We just had too much to get done.

I thank the Lord for these opportunities to get away, even if it is just for the day with my husband. I love him. Thank You Jesus for hand picking this man for me.

Okay that is my five minutes. I will talk to you later. Love and prayers to you all. ❤ & /\’s

PS…I want to thank The Gypsy Mama for introducing me to this FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY. Just write randomly for 5 minutes and stop. I enjoy it. Thanks Gypsy Mama! 🙂