Loves conversation about being angry.

You are angry again, huh!

Okay so you say you have heard it all, then re-apply it! you hate who you are….

Are not Christ‘s and in Him???

You feel the dragon is still allive….He has raised his ugly head again and you thought you had dealt with him once and for all, wouldn’t have to deal with this anymore. The dragon will only be dead once Jesus chains him in the lake of fire for all eternity.

We all get angry. Anger doesn’t have to rule over us.

Go read the book of Ephesians and if you have the Amplified…better yet. Yes, the whole book of Ephesians.

Anger is a choice. A choice we need to ask if we want to take it and play with it or not. Anger is also an emotion we were given and yes by God. It is an emotion we can allow the enemy, satan to take and turn it into the most hideous monster and rip us and everyone else around us apart. BUT it does not have to be that way. Also read Psalm 51. The Lord is able to cleanse us in a way like no other. But it is nothing I/we can do, only Him. Our part is giving up. Denying the flesh and what I think, feel or see. Facts may be there, but we are asked…commanded 1st to deny self, 2nd take up our cross…what God has handed us, embrace it and 3rd follow Him. If we can’t do what He is asking and requiring of us it always goes back to the 1st step…totally and utterly denying, relinquishing self to its death. No you can’t do it, but Jesus can do this in you. Stop looking at how you feel. Get your eyes off of yourself and onto Him. Eyes on Jesus!

You are so concentrated on you and your actions you are not taking the time to stop yourself anymore. Things are mountains in your eye sight and that is all you see, the mountains and they are too treacherous to get over and there is no other way but to climb them and you know it. It horrifies you dear heart. Your children; your work; life; people and other things on giant treaherous mountain and you are reacting in anger. You can not control your circumstances so you get angry. The job doesn’t go right. The kids don’t do what you’d like. And don’t get me started on people and what they can do…Life kinda stinks and you can not do a blessed thing so you get angry.

You my dear need to start back on your knees and say “here I am Lord. Renovate me because I can not do this any more.” (Rom 12:1-3) ….And Jesus will be jumping up and down doing the happy dance. Spend more time in prayer…sincere prayer and fasting. You know. Purpose in you heart. (Dan 1:8; Ps 119:106; Ruth 1:16-18) Jesus loves you. (Jer 31:3; John 3:16; Hosea 6:1-3; Mat 11:28-30) I could go on but you know….guess this is a bit fresh in my mind too…been there recently and the Lord has had to bring me back around.

Yep there are times I wonder if I ought to keep my mouth shut….I’m sure I should…I love you too much to stay quiet for too long. We make mistakes and flounder around….we’re human. But we do not have to keep floundering and have our wonderful all out big bang jump kick and scream feel sorry for myself self-pity parties. There comes a time when we have stop…there will be a few of these parties we feel we have to throw before we give up or He comes to take us to Glory (as in the “I’ll fly away O glory I’ll fly away, ‘fore I die, by and by I’ll fly away…just a few more weary days and I’ll fly away”…Amen, said in faith, in trust and in hope of HIs coming). If we would only see how much Jesus loves us. How He loves you.

God sees our weakness, why do you think He is there waiting to help put pieces back together again…but after His design, at the…”Restoration Shop-BETTER THAN U-NEW.” God knows we need changing, why do you think He has held out the best building agency, “Complete and Secure Renovations, Eternal Guaranty.”

The Lord is gracious. Yet He gives us just enough room to see we can not live this life on our own. We need Him. With Him times do get very difficult….but absolutely wretched without His daily presence.

The more we keep our eyes on ourselves and our failures, we lose sight of Who He is. We are Christ and Christ is in us. We have the power in us that raised Christ from the dead, but if we are not focused on Him we can not tap into that power we are given. Seek first the kingdom of Heaven….God’s things. Set your affections, heart and desires on Him. Ask! Seek! Knock! and keep doing it again and again. But give Him time to speak He has something He wants you to hear. So listen for that small voice. Perk up them ears of yours and eagerly await what He is wanting to say. Listen for that gentle knock on your hearts door. Run and open with joy and ask Him to sit, pour Him a cup of tea if He asks for it and sit, be still and listen to what He has come to visit about.

I love you and am praying for you. Keep pressing in. You will find Him just where you left Him…in ther frozen food aisle next or “Rocky Road I-Scream.” Go back hug Him, grab His hand and ask “Where do You want to dine?” He will feed you of the choicest of His table, and not down the frozen food aisle with junk food that temporarily satisfies.

Just don’t hang in there, grab a hold of Jesus with all you have and say amen let go and let Him take you on greater journeys than you have ever been on before.

God’s grace fill you as you walk in His hope.