Vacation Day 6….A walk down the harbor and beach.

Went to the Oceanside Harbor. It is a neat place. didn't get many pics of it. It has several shops and restaurants. there is also a beach and we walked the beach once again. 🙂

People out in the cold water and swim suits, sun-bathing in March...not heard of where I'm from.... It hit about 78 here yesterday (Saturday, March, 3).

Beside all the bird out on the water, Saturday is a great day for sailing, boating and fishing.

Walked down to the jetty and talk about mussels. These things just covered the rocks and layer upon layer of mussels. I spotted other creatures also. 🙂


How sweet a heart. The mussels send their love to you also. 😀

Wanna see what this white crane is looking at and trying to get. I'll show ya.

This crab is tucked under the rock, digging its self in the sand. He is the biggest crab I have seen...besides one you might find on my plate. It is about 5 inches across its shell and the claws are almost as big as the top shell. If I could have, I would have tried to take it home for dinner. I was scared to death it'd have me for its dinner. I watched a couple of them go after I'll let someone else get the 'critter' and boil it. What you are looking at is its tail end...its claws are digging it in the sand.

Another crab and a star-fish...sea-star clinging to the side of the rock.

This star-fish has only 4 appendages. He is hug. He is about 16 - 18 inches across. I laid my arm down by it and it went from my finger tip to just about my elbow. I've never seen one that big. Yes it was alive so it stayed.

This one was almost as big as the other but about 3-4 inches shorter, about half my hands length.

A pelican watchin' a fisherman...hahaha...someone may get robbed...hahaha!

A squirrels watches just a few rocks down the way.

Ending another great day with another awesome sunset....Only Our God could paint such a picture as this.