Five Minute Friday-The Weekend Is Here!!!!

Once again we are looking into our Friday.

Friday is a day many look forward to, it is the end of the work week for many. Now we get to play with the weekend and do what we want. No punch a clock. No giving orders or taking them. And the mumbo-jumbo could go on.

This is all contrary to scripture. Yes we are give a day of rest but we are not given the luxuray to just do as we please. If you are married, you still have a spouse to need to help and spend time with. If yu have children, they need your time and efforts now that you are uncombered with the everyday grind. But most of all you are able to sit with Jesus and listen to Him more than you may have all week.

Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your spouse and famiy. Most of all enjoy and rejoice in the Lord for your time off, He gave you this gift.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend. 😀