Fixing a Family Dinner for 20–FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY!

Good afternoon. Here it is Friday once again. How time flies and days seem to run into eachother.

Tonight we are having a dinner for family…we will be expecting about 20 people tonight. My mother-in-laws sister, husband, her daughter and husband, two of my hubands sisters and a neice….along with a few other family members from here will come over dinner to visit, since they will be here only for the night. There is a graduation some of them came to attend.

We will be having ham, turkey, potato salad, green beans, relish tray and veggies w/ dip, hawaiian rolls. For dessert we will have a fruit platter of strawberries, fresh pineapple and pound cake pieces with whip cream, carmel sauce and chocolate sauce.

My time is up, I also need to get to work. You see I am fixing dinner and I am half finished with all the festivies.

Love and prayers to all. Have a blessed weekend.


Sharing a devotional page with you today.

Yes today I am sharing a page from a devotional I read today. The Lord is dealing with me about my prayer time with Him. This was taken from “Morning and Evening,” this is from this mornings piece. I trust it will minister to your heart as it did mine.

Matthew 26:39
And he went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.

“There are several instructive features in our Saviour’s prayer in His hour of trial. It was lonely prayer. He withdrew even from His three favoured disciples. Believer, be much in solitary prayer, especially in times of trial. Family prayer, social prayer, prayer in the Church, will not suffice, these are very precious, but the best beaten spice will smoke in your censer in your private devotions, where no ear hears but God‘s.

It was humble prayer. Luke says He knelt, but another evangelist says He “fell on His face.” Where, then, must be THY place, thou humble servant of the great Master? What dust and ashes should cover thy head! Humility gives us good foot-hold in prayer. There is no hope of prevalence with God unless we abase ourselves that He may exalt us in due time.

It was filial prayer. “Abba, Father.” You will find it a stronghold in the day of trial to plead your adoption. You have no rights as a subject, you have forfeited them by your treason; but nothing can forfeit a child’s right to a father’s protection. Be not afraid to say, “My Father, hear my cry.”

Observe that it was persevering prayer. He prayed three times. (look at verses 42 & 44) Cease not until you prevail. Be as the importunate widow, whose continual coming earned what her first supplication could not win. Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving.

Lastly, it was the prayer of resignation. “Nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.” Yield, and God yields. Let it be as God wills, and God will determine for the best. Be thou content to leave thy prayer in his hands, who knows when to give, and how to give, and what to give, and what to withhold. So pleading, earnestly, importunately, yet with humility and resignation, thou shalt surely prevail.” —Morning and Evening

“Lord here I am to express my heart to You. Oh how I love You and yet I seem to fall short and feel so undeserving of Your amazing love, yet You continue to love me anyway. Nothing changes Your love for me…that is amazing. I can not begin to comprehend Your great love and grace You have shown me time and time again. You are waking me up once again.

(I love this song “Amazing Love.” This one is done by Hillsong. Chris Tomlin and a few others sing it also, but I came across this and I had to share it. I trust you will enjoy it as well. I love sign language, it is a language of love in itself.)

“Lord I am here to ask You to teach to pray as You did, alone with You as You did with Your Father, with no distractions, separated unto You only; humbly, on my face before You without an inkling of any preconceptions, teach me to deny myself, teach me to leave my will at Your feet so that I be emptied of self to be filled and full of You, Lord Jesus; teach me to persevere, to continue in my petitons before You no matter what I see, think, hear through or by others or what I feel; teach me to resign myself completely to You, to full rest, trust and believe you in all circumstances and situations, to resign myself to nothingness before You so only You are to do with me as You will. Bring to the place Lord Jesus that I say, believe, and desire ONLY Your, that I say. “Nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” Lord I ask You to make this my hearts cry and desire.

“Thank You my Jesus for Your love and what you have put into my life. I kick and scream, yet my desire is still You. I desire You and You alone. Though my actions and words many times speak great volumes of contradictions, You are still my hope, foundation, love and desire. My trust is in You.

“I’m asking a lot. I’m opening myself up for exposure to You and to others, but I need it and I want it. This is the only way this heart of mine can be taught Your will and not my will. Opening myself, being exposed, causes the heart to hurt, because it is being opened before You, Jesus, before others, and myself….sometimes that is the hardest things…to see myself for what I am. My desire as Isaiah in Ch. 6, when he expereince You. He was touched by Your cleansing fire-he says, “woe I am undone.” I’m asking for cleansing fire. It is only by the fire of Your truth I will become the one You desire and useful unto You. My desire is to come through as Job did. ‘Do I really want to go through all THAT?’ I ask my self….Oh yes Lord I do. Why? Because of what Job had after he was tried….he saw You! I not only want to know You, but I want to see YOU Jesus, to see You and You alone. ‘Not I but Christ who lives in me.’ (Galatians 2:20) So this means the death of me. Death of my flesh. Life in the Spirit of Christ. Yes this is my hearts desire.

“Lord I am done dilly-dallying around. As David asked in Psalm 51, ‘create in me Lord a clean heart…renew a right spirit within me…sacrifice you do not desire but a broken and contrite heart You will not despise.’ Lord shake me, turn me upside down and every which way but loose.

“Lord I do have some fear, I don’t want to hurt in so many ways. BUT You are BIGGER, GREATER, FAITHFUL, IN EVERYWAY…YOU ARE TOTALLY SUFFICIENT for ALL I need and hope to need in any way. Lord here I am, I lay my life before You. I feel as if I have been around this corner more than I’d like to count, yes here we go once again. Open me up, clean and cut away all that does not belong in my hear, mind (every thought), my actions, my whole being….make me pleasing unto You. I know You will not leave me half-finished, this is also a life long continual work, nonetheless, keep doing what needs to be done. Don’t spare for my crying.

“My motive is You Jesus. I want to win You as my Bridegroom and I feel as if too many things are getting in the way. My view is being obscure and difficult to see where I need to be running. (Philippians 3) Lord continue to put accountability before me. Let not my lamp grow dim. Cause to walk the path of truth and righteousness before You…no matter how tight and narrow it may seem. (Matthew 7:13, 14)

“This I pray Father in Your blessed and holy name of Your Precious Son, Jesus, my Lord and soon coming Bridegroom. I thank You, I know the hope I have in You and how great Your grace is in every situation You allow in my life. I thank You and praise You for You are with me always. I love you Lord. I am so grateful for Your love for me…I would not make a day without Your great love.

“Amen, my Lord, Amen.”