Fixing a Family Dinner for 20–FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY!

Good afternoon. Here it is Friday once again. How time flies and days seem to run into eachother.

Tonight we are having a dinner for family…we will be expecting about 20 people tonight. My mother-in-laws sister, husband, her daughter and husband, two of my hubands sisters and a neice….along with a few other family members from here will come over dinner to visit, since they will be here only for the night. There is a graduation some of them came to attend.

We will be having ham, turkey, potato salad, green beans, relish tray and veggies w/ dip, hawaiian rolls. For dessert we will have a fruit platter of strawberries, fresh pineapple and pound cake pieces with whip cream, carmel sauce and chocolate sauce.

My time is up, I also need to get to work. You see I am fixing dinner and I am half finished with all the festivies.

Love and prayers to all. Have a blessed weekend.