I seemed to some problems with my last post, “Time goes bu so fast…..”

I appoligige if you recieved several postings of it.




Time goes by so fast…we need to make it last

A dear friend posted this on her Facebook and stated she wished she hadn’t worried so about a clean and model home and posted more “ponies” around. I have to say I agree.

I do still put up a few “Watercolour Ponies” on my fridge. My beautiful baby daughter is 14-1/2 years old and I have a very handsome 15 month old grandson. Here is some of the latest art work and pictures I have posted in my kitchen…I will say after hearing this video I need more of them.

My daughters latest art work and my grandson pic...the baby pic has been there for 15 months...

I have framed in my kitchen/dinning room two pieces of art work from my sons, ages 31 and 27 (almost 28).

My oldest son's water-color done when he was in college.

My youngest son did this in crayon one day for his momma.

Both peices of artwork displayed on the cabnit fall to see. the ceramic peice is one I did when the boys were small titles "Dad and His Boys." It took a 2nd place ribbon in the county fair in ceramics at that time.

I am grateful for the great gifts God has blessed my husband and I with.

Yes, they are gone before you know it. I am blessed to have my youngest son and his family just around the corner from us and my oldest son and his wife is about 10 minutes away. I am grateful.

Time does fly by so cherish them.

The boys at ages 3 and 1. Not a very good pic....

the boys at 4 and 2

my daughter at 6 weeks old

my daughter a 4, her first year of soccer and she has been playing since

My kids today. Oh, how they grow up fast. Cherish every moment you have with them. Each stage of life is different. Some stages are full of joy, some are sad and desperately hurt, and we all learn and love one another more through them and that brings great joy to a parents heart and to the Lord.

Trusting God‘s blessings on you and your family.