Five Minute Friday; Friday, April 13…. :)

Five Minute Friday is where you sit down at you computer and just type/write for 5 minutes and stop. No corrections, going back to change something, just write and have fun.

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We all know (Psalms 118:24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.) very well. 

today is like no other really except I didn’t get much sleep last night. Yu see, I am helping to care for my dad the next few days and he is nearly dependant on others. My mom and sister went on a mini vacation so that mom could get a little r&r, which is much needed.

Mom has this “chi-wennie” and she sleeps with her…She walks all over the bed and gets under her arm at night, with her cold wet nose and…..I am one of those people when I am ready to go to sleep, “get out of my body zone, so I can get some rest.” And that is that. My poor dear hubby knows after a bit to scoot over….  :/  Anyway…..

God had another plan last night…this dog, Wendy is her name, barked last night, not only trampling all over me half the night, but barking at who knows what , three different times. It’s like cme on mutt….

I stay in the same room as dad, he is in a hospital bed, and he talks in his sleep, and YELLS. He doesn’t have much voice anymore due to multipule strokes, but he does in his sleep.

So here I am about to close and I would like to say, “I would not have it any different Lord. Yu have me in this place to help with my parents and that is just returning a tiny bit of their love and my heart in return for theirs, not that they ever expected it. Thank you Jesus for reminding me this is yur day or night not mine.

Time is up. STOP!

We want things our way and we want it NOW!

Thank for allowing me to share with you and I trust it was a bit of encouragement to you also.

See there, I look above and there are mistakes, but I did just write and I enjoyed sharing with you.

Until later, may the grace of God fill you as you walk in the hope He has provided for you.