Getting ready for Sunday morning….

As I was sitting here tonight getting my things ready for church tomorrow morning I pecked this out. I thought is was appropriate as many of are getting ready for our Sunday morning. I am not a poet, but I enjoy trying. I trust yu will see and understand the reality of this little piece I have composed here quickly.

Have a blessed and wonderful “Sunday Going To Meetin’ Day”.

Tired and needing rest.

Church tomorrow I’m ever so blessed.

Waking to hear God‘s Word,

Let His Praises be heard. 

Ready for a bit of shut-eye,

And rise in hope to see Him in the sky.

What a thrill to know one day,

Any time I might like to say,

As sure as the sun will rise,

I’m waiting for Jesus my prize.

Into my soft comfy bed,

Not much else really to be said.

My Jesus I await the morning’s light,

To open church doors with great delight,

Listen as the truth will be spoken.

His promises are never broken.

To rest and then to awake,

He has much for me to partake.

A full day and ready to embrace,

That I may complete my race.

With joy I look ahead

To what is to be said.

Truth, the truth of my Lord.

Without IT my life cannot afford.

 -by Candy Clonts

My church, Grace Tabernacle Church

Lord bless you all. Until next time, love and prayers to you.