A great testimony…

A friend sent this to me video below to me. I’m encouraged and blessed by it. I trust it will bless you just as it did me.

We need to share Jesus, our Savior with one another, ones that do not know Him…also to encourage and exhort fellow Christians. His coming is sooner each day of our lives. How will we live it?

Many may say President Reagan had his faults, made bad decisions and mistakes. You are entitled to your opinions. I would not want to dare have taken his place; nor that of any other president I have known to serve in my past 51 years of life. But if WE, each one of us, could be as bold as to stand up and share Jesus with just a few people, in like-mannner as President Reagan did. I wonder how different our part of the world might be.

If I were to talk to just a few people a week about Jesus; and each born again Christian do the same, oh how God’s word would be spread and imagine the lives that possibly could be changed.

Yes this seems to be some what of a fantasy, but could you imagine if we were just so bold.

I want to share a story with you; this is a true story and one very dear to my heart.

My Grandpa was 81 years old when he accepted Jesus as Savior. (Like I have told you in past posts, I did not grow up in a Christian home.) I was about 26 when I got a phone call from him telling about his experience. I was saved at the age of 14, about 12 had lapsed here. I had shared a few things, bits and pieces about Jesus with my Granddad.

One day there was a Baptist Preacher in town at the time who went door to door sharing Jesus with anyone that would let him. (I didn’t know this man.)Granddad wanted me to meet him, but by the time I came for a visit he had moved to a new church out-of-town; I felt bad, I never got to meet him. I do look forward to one day meeting him in heaven and telling him “Thank you, for being so bold as to ask my Granddad the question you did so boldly.”

This man knocks on the door and as soon as Granddad answered it he said, “Did you know if you were the only man on earth Jesus would have died for you, just you? Jesus loves you. Do you know him as your Savior?” Granddad replied, “No.” The preacher said, “Well do you want to know Jesus as your Savior?” Granddad told him that he had heard and known about Jesus all hs life. The preacher said, “Hearing and knowing about Jesus is not what will get you to heaven. You need to KNOW Him as your personal Savior. Can I pay with you?” Granddad said, “Yes,” and invited him in. They talked a few more minutes to explain what it meant to KNOW Jesus as Savior, what He did for us, for Granddad…and the sinners prayer. They prayed together and Granddad at age 81 asked Jesus into his heart and life.

Shortly after that Granddad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he was not able to live alone any long. He pasted away at age 83 (1989).

I had prayed for him and other members of my family for those past years to accept Jesus as Savior. (I continue to pray for other members of my family.) He answered that prayer for me in a wonderful and amazing way about Granddad. What a blessing it was for me to get a phone call from him and hear him share his life changing experience with me. Our relationship was never the same. I say that because Granddad and I were always close, but from that day on, it was different. We have Jesus to talk about, and not just old memories, family and the weather. I am grateful for all those things we did have to share, but to have Jesus as a common denominator added to our lives, it was wonderful.

We love our sunsets together.

We loved our sunsets togethr.

I thank this Baptist Preacher for being led by and sensitive to the Holy Spirit as he talked with my Granddad. I especially thank the Lord Jesus, our Savior as He had prepared Granddad’s heart to receive what this man and the Lord had to say to him.

Let us be ever so bold as such a one.

My prayer is the Lord would teach me, show me and lead me in His ways to be bold to share Jesus with ones I come into contact. Let me not miss any opportunity You, oh Lord, might be leading me into. Let me not shy away from any unpleasantries I might feel or think. A person’s life may depend on what You are wanting to do. Help me Jesus to be the neighbor as You portray so well as the ‘Good Samaritan’ in Luke 10:25-37.

(As you read this part of Scripture please pay special attention to verses 33-36. Only Jesus can pour oil (type of Holy Spirit) and the wine (represented as the life blood Jesus gave and shed freely for all man-kind) into us. Jesus is the only One that truly can have compassion and mercy for us. Jesus is the only One that can do for us what this “Samaritan” did for this traveling man. I trust one day I can share this part of scripture with you soon. It has blessed me to see it in a new light.) OKAY this was a bit of my subject…anyway… 🙂

Lord teach me to be bold, gentle, and merciful to whom ever you put in my path each day. I love you Jesus.

Lord bless you all and trust to visit with you again soon. 🙂