Get ready for a few new things at Pinchofgrace.

Greetings and many blessings sent to you.

I am so excited to get started with a few new things here at PinchOfGrace.

As well as continuing the devotions, testimonies and other blessings of the Lord, I am looking forward to sharing with you “Simple Elegance,” my jewelry line and “Simply Perfect” bath products.

Simple Elegance by Candy Clonts

A few pieces od Jewelry designed and hand-crafted by Simple Elegance by Candy Clonts.

“Simple Elegance” is my line of personally hand crafted jewelry; I trust you will enjoy them as they are presented to you.

Simple Elegance by Candy Clonts

A few pieces of jewelry from Simple Elegance by Candy Clonts.

Each piece is unique. Many pieces are made from semi-precious gems to tumbled glass; I also use many different metals. I try to use very little nickel in my products. I will specify what metals are used as well as the gems, stones, crystals or other ‘embellishments’ that may be included in each individually handcrafted piece of jewelry. I will specify the length or size of the necklace, pendant, bracelets and earrings. Some pieces are sold as sets while others sold individually. Each piece is made with joy, much care and love. Your jewelry will be packaged so you may give as a gift or keep it for yourself. Each piece of jewelry will be pictured along with the price and packaging.

Simple Elegance by Candy Clonts

Jewelry pieces designed and hand-crafted by Simple Elegance by Candy Clonts.

“Simply Perfect” is a line of Salt and Sugar Scrubs and Bath Salts I have designed.

Simply Perfect by Candy Clonts

Simply Perfect by Candy Clonts
A sample of things to come. Sugar Scrubs, Salt Scrubs and Bath Salts; all to be used to enjoy a luxurious bath experience. Products shown in different sizes and shapes of containers to enjoy.

The sugars scrubs are made with natural sweet oils, natural course sugars and *natural fragrances or organic essential oil. The salt scrubs contain mineral and sea salts and *natural fragrances or organic essential oils. These scrubs are great to help fragrance and moisturize your skin naturally. You will shower or bathe as usual, before you get out of the tub take a small amount of the scrub and rub over your body as needed and rinse. Pat your body dry with a towel and your body will be left lightly fragranced and soft. These oils are natural and will not clog your pores.

Ladies you will also love this on your feet. If you have those ugly callused feet like many of us do, after you bathe and get out of the shower, rub your feet down with a generous amount of the scrub (sugar or salt scrub work well). Put your feet in plastic grocery bags with a hair band to secure the bag, then pull on a pair of socks for about 30 minutes to an hour, a good time to just go put your feet up and relax for a while. Return to the tub, sit on the edge, unwrap your feet, rinse with warm water and use a pumice stone to scrub away the dead skin…DO NOT SCRUB TOO LONG YOU WILL CAUSE YOUR FEET TO BECOME SORE AND TENDER… You will notice a difference after the first treatment. Treat your feet to this treatment twice a week for about two weeks, and then use once a week to keep your feet luxurious.

A side note here for your husband. None of us like dry rough hands. I know your man does not like them either. He just might like this after a long day from working outside or any time. After his shower he will enjoy scrubbing his hands for a few minutes with the scrub and watch those hands become soft and gentle on your skin. No man enjoys touching his lady with rough dry hands. Just a little added bonus for you both to enjoy. The same trick can be used on any ROUGH DRY hands as well as the rough feet. 🙂

I have addressed the sugar scrub more so, because it is my favorite. BUT I do want to discuss the salt scrub here for a moment. The salt scrub is more medicinal that the sugar scrub. It has the same moisturizing properties and fragrance value as the sugar scrub. Salts have wonderful healing agents to them. A few more of these will be addressed with the bath salts. As for the salt scrub, it can be used on the body for acne. Salt will help dry out and draw out the toxins that causes acne and help prevent outbreaks. I first recommend you to wash and bath your body as normal. After you have rinsed then apply the salt scrub to affected area of acne, scrub gently with a soft cloth and rinse well. Pat dry with a towel. Don’t forget to exfoiliate your dry elbows, knees and feet with the salt scrub. The course skin on these areas can use a little more scrubbing from time to time, they will thank you for it later. 🙂

You should not use it on your face, salt is more abrasive, it can damage more sensitive skin on your body (like your face). As I have said before these oils will not clog your pores. I recommend washing your face thoroughly at night, follow by the sugar scrub and pat dry with a towel. If your face is left too oily, gently rub it dry with your towel. GENTLY, this is your face and you do not want any more unnecessary tearing, pulling or tugging at it. For your face I recommend you using this product in the fragrance free or one of the *NATURALLY FRAGRANCED scrubs. I will help specify with each product what works best for face, acne and other problem areas as I get further into this with you so I better help you in choosing the best product(s) for you.

Sugar Scrub vs Salt Scrub

Remember salt heals and removes impurities from your skin, so the replacement of nourishing oils to your skin is good for it. A thought that might help here also; when you remove something from your body, it will crave to replace what is being removed, so it needs to be replaced with something good or it will continue to fill its self with what is unwanted, impurities. It is much like putting your body on a diet. You are depriving it of something it once had, if you do not feed it properly, your body will act as if it is starving so the body looks for things to fill the FAT places. In order to replenish what you are wanting to remove you need to nourish it, so nourish your skin. Please take care of your skin. These oils also have healing properties in them. Along with taking care of your skin and moisturizing, please use a GOOD sunscreen, non-oily preferably and one that will not clog your pores.

Another added bonus for the sugar scrub or salt scrub, it can be placed by any sink and used after any hand washing. It is for the moisturizing, softening, healing and antiseptic qualities.

The bath salts have a specific combination of mineral and sea salts with *natural fragrance or organic fragrance oils. Some may contain a small amount of food coloring to help distinguish the scent. The food coloring does not come off on you as you bathe; there is not enough of it to leave a residue behind.

The bath salts are great for a soothing soak in the tub. Mineral salt is great for soothing away tired achy muscles. If mineral salts were just used, you would have some benefits, but, mineral salts can be too drying for the skin. The sea salt is used to help soften the water, sea salt is a natural softening agent. It helps to not dry out your skin and has many valuable nutriants. You also will enjoy a light fragrance as you soak away the tired body from the long day that is now behind you.

If you are one who likes to soak their feet, this is awesome for those tired feet you have been on all day. AWWWE!! 😀 Just add a small amount to your foot tub/spa and those tired achy feet will fade away.

A sea shell will be included to scoop out the desired amount of bath product you wish to use. The shells will vary in shape, size and color. Enjoy your added little treat.

A sea shell will be included to scoop out the desired amount of bath product you wish to use. The shells will vary in shape, size and color. Enjoy your added little treat.

All items will be packaged, shipped in jars or tubs with a sea shell or scoop to help dispense the product. There will be two different sizes for most products; small or large and in sets. Each piece or set will be pictured and priced so you will know what you are getting.

Once again, I‘d like to express how excited I am to share these new products with you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy the benefits of these products.

God bless you,

Candy Clonts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       *Simple Elegance by Candy Clonts

*Simply Perfect by Candy Clonts



I will be putting more together this next week along with a way of payment. Thank you for your patience.

* When I refer to natural fragrance, these are fragrances made from plants, herbs or spices.