A Friend!

Just read this and LOVED it! I apologize I do not remember where I read this or who said it.

Friendship, just as delicious but probably a smidge healthier than deep-fried ice cream.


Oh so delicious and sweet it is!

I posted this quote on my Facebook and this was the response I received from it. I love and value this dear lady. I have known her about 37 years….WOW! She is a special lady. She loves the Lord with all her heart. She has wisdom, a great wit, talent…just a woman with a real heart of God. She is a beautiful LADY inside and out.I did tell her I was going to us this on my blog…here goes. 🙂

Nurturing-Friendships-Lucy & Vivian

These ladies, even though they were TV characters, they were the ‘bestest’ of friends for so many years. Too many for some us to remember. Sweet! They fought and said words they had to apolpgize for. They cried together. They laughed a lot. They ignored eachother. The pranks they pulled. They embraced one another and their friendship.

FRIEND:Typo…! Should start, “Real friendship… 


Kramdens & Norton

The evenings spent primarily at Ralph and Alice Kramden’s kitchen with Edward “Ed” Norton and Thelma “Trixie Noton. Alice and Trixie had some great times without the guys while they were at work. When the guys got home…oh my heavens. They all had go rounds being together, usually Ralph against the other three. These two couples were inseperable. They would have given anything for the other.


Just thinking of you and I know you are thinking of me. 🙂


These silly three characters….What pals they were. We still bring them into our homes and enjoy them. These guys should have never been the friends they were, but they were. It goes to show us w never know where a friend will come from and what circumstnce will bring them there.

Maybe this is the mood I’m in, but here goes.

Real friendship, hummmmm….. A real friend, hummmm….. Sometimes I wonder what is or who is a REAL friend or friendship. There is a vast range of definitions for friend and friendship. As I looked through some of these, as crazy as I might be, I need just about everyone mentioned in all those ways of describing a friend or friendships.

Could be splitting hairs here. Yes we have acquaintances. We have friends we would go to lunch with. Then there are those friends we could spend all day with. Then there is the friend, we don’t have to be with because they just are…the ones that will stick to our hip as the deep-fried ice cream, no matter what…how they love us. :/ BUT I will also say…. A friend no matter what ‘category’ they fall under is to be sweetly cherished. Friends of all sort, shapes and sizes…melty and soft on the inside and crisply burnt on the outside OR smooth, creamy and cold as ice cream ought to be, with the golden fried outside and warm as it comes to your table with hot fudge and caramel, topped with real whip cream, maybe fresh strawberries if you like…yummm….. Friends are hard to come by as the most decadent of all deep-fried ice creams…savored them with great delight. Each fried ice cream is different, so enjoy the precious dish that is before you.

This may sound a little “cheeky”, I want to enjoy the flavor of the day as the Lord brings them to me. They may not always be as decadent as the day before, but that friend/friendship is precious. I will never know where it will lead unless I learn to savor each dish that is served and set before me.


Looks edible, but not as tempting as the first fried ice cream posted.


Great converstaions, spoken or just senced. The Joy of Friendships and you my Friend.

Who knows, someone is going to be served up a dish of freezer burnt, rubbery ice cream, coated in a sugary, stale corn flakes and fried in week old oil, then served on a chipped dish with just a sprinkle of clumpy powder sugar. This does not sound very appetizing. This could be me served up to you, or, it could be you or anyone of us. But I trust I would value this chipped up dish of so-called fried ice cream as the best I’ve ever had. Why? That dish and it’s contents deserves it and needs it.

Dear friend, I value you as a friend and your friendship. 🙂 ❤ (No, these lovely elderly woman do not resemble the beautiful picture to left here. I trust if the Lord tarries when we are this age, we will be getting together to ‘do lunch.’)

I trust if you sit long enough and read this you will see the value of friends and our friendships we have, how delicioius and healthy they are.

God gave us one another. How we treat, ‘value,’ as I have continued to say, on another is where I see the healthier part emerge.

I love U

God designed us to be needed. He also designed us to be used for others, to be poured out. How we veiw and value others is very important to our health and that of others. Think about it? It is true.

pass on a hug