Thank you Jesus for my daddy.

I will be fifty-two years old in a few months and i am still daddys little girl…even though I am of the oldest of my sister and two brothers. Some things never change and I am grateful.

I lost my daddy last night. This song so reminds me of him. He will be greatly missed, BUT, I know I will see him again. He is with Jesus. He is whole and playing with God’s little ones. I can imagine him as he did with me rough-housing and laughing. I can also see him sitting with Jesus. I thank the Lord God for one of the greatest gift He gave me. Thank You Lord for this gift you gave me in my daddy. I did give you kisses before you went back to be with Jesus, always to be remembered. You will always be with me, butterfly kisses and all. I love you. Again thank you Jesus for my daddy.


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