What choice will you make?

Struggles and Disappointments come and they go at will. Frustration and Anger stroll along. Moods bounce high and creep along low, but oh, watch out for that ol’ low. Attitudes from the state of Unruly Harsh and Habbits around the corner of Grave and Moldy are Creatures of Foe lurking for refuge, so beware. Take heed, if any of these, one, two, three – sometime more of these creatures of foe become closer than what comfort allows, you will have room-mates almost impossible to evict. oh, so sad to say, a warning you see, there are more creatures of foe than these, more to mention, more than one able to count. Be aware. Take note, these will come your way more than once or twice. Stand your ground. Take refuge in towered castlethe Towered Castle Whose foundation is sure and true. The Towered Castle built upon a Rock where there is a great Watchman, ready and alert. These Creatures of Foes, can not scale walls or cliffs it sits upon, they are too slimy to do so. But, yes, you can lower the bridge if you wish. I don’ know why other than to see what the hoopla is all about. We’ve been told of the hoopla, great enticing words and fun we’ve falsely been told, but take heed lest you have a room-mate you cannot easily ask to leave. This room-mate will flee. Do you really want that life , the life the Creatures of Foe will first set in motion – in you. It is one full of deep pot holes, one scarcely can climb above. The grungy places that smell of many unpleasantries. Place where you are told you will gain everything, but in truth you will lose all. You will eat of the muck and grim as each slug these Creatures of Foe be.Your deaf ear and ample foolish curiosity spoiled you. A spoiled child goes through much to regain trust and a joy in his own heart. Your endeavored to rid these unwanted room-mate take much time of hiding from the Foes and resting with the King, listen to Him as He walks the corridors of the towers of the great castle. There will be times He will have you stand quietly and watch and be taught by the watchman. You will need to learn to have a keen eye of an eagle, sharp hearing of the man who has on fleshly sight, the sence of smell as the lion, and easily lead as the ox, the Master can take wheresoever He will. Seeking to understand and know the way of the King is not always an easy task. But, it is the kingtask that will show you to rid your self of the Creatures of Foe that have beset you because of an unwise choice. The Towered Castle is a place of life. Choose life. Follow the path that leads thereof. Do not let any thing no matter how enticing it may seem or frightening it may sound, press forward. Look not to the right or to the left, but straight ahead, to the King and all He possesses and has deeded to you. It’s your life, it is your treasure. What will   you choose?

God bless you. Shall talk to you all soon.

Candy 🙂