Thank you Jesus

The Lord Jesus is amazing and so are His people in whom He chooses to speak through.

This is answer to prayer and to my last write up.

I was visiting with a friend today and told her everything that was on my heart and mind. She listened. There were things that she told me that I knew, and yet still afraid to do. Maybe not willing to do. She continued to speak truth to me I appreciate, very grateful to God’s people as they humbly lay themselves before the Lord and seeking him when they know they are getting together with someone that they are going to visit with. She did that and God gave her words of truth and life to speak to me. They weren’t things that I didn’t understand or did not know already. God knew what I needed to hear. And I think this wonderful woman for being sensitive to the spirit and speaking truth to me.

Later I found this quote posted on Facebook by another friend. No it wasn’t sent directly to me, but it was as if God put that in her heart and deliberately sent it to me. It was just a random post she posted. But God…..

I want to thank these women and how God has used them today in my life. I also specifically want to thank the Lord for the truth spoken to my heart. I also thank those of you that have been praying for me.

God bless you. Until next time.