A recipe for a good marriage.


It has been 3 years since I published the article. It has been one of the highest ranking article I have published. I thought today, for various reasons, would be good to re-post.

Spice everything with love. by Candy Clonts

I was give a spice tin with this poem printed on it when I got married over 30 years ago. The spice tin has long disappeared, but I have kept the poem written down and stored away and put labels with this poem on many spice tins for gifts. There was also a story that came along with it and I HAVE lost that. But to best of my memory is goes something like this.

An elderly man was sitting in his easy chair watching his wife of many year fixing dinner as usual. After each meal he would always compliment her on such a fine meal, and rub his full belly.

Many times…

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One thought on “A recipe for a good marriage.

  1. In two weeks I will be marrie for 34 years. This has been an amazing journey. It has be a joy and some difficulties. At times I have asked the Lord to let me off this roller coaster, I am so greatful He has not. I would not change one adventure with this man god so blessed me with. I look forward to many other adventures in this journey and more precious years as my Jesus blesses us with.


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